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Isabel Cristina Duque.JPG

Isabel Cristina Duquet-Levitt

Artiste licière

Tapestry artist, passionate about textile art, studied in Colombia and in Paris at the Gobelins Factory. 

The theme she chooses to explore is the market. Through her works, we can feel the movement and the colours that surround the market life. 

Isabel uses various materials in her creations, such as wool, leather and silk.

Natalia Furmanov portrait.jpg

Natalia Furmanova


Ukrainian artist. Natalia goes from still life to landscapes. Her works reflect a universe where colour and materials are king! The substance and thickness of her favourite medium, oil, gives a particular vibration to the shapes she represents.

Marcelle Marouzé

Marcelle Marouzé


Free woman. Artist. Marcelle is sensitive to the texture created by diverse materials. Working with various techniques and various mediums, her works are tinted with sensuality and liveliness. 

Francis Mazuet portrait.jpg

Francis Mazuet


People, their individuality and their environments, are the core of his work. His photographs, extremely balanced, work in series; however, every image is its own universe. Every image has an aesthetic and human story. 

Francis switches from almost sociological photos to stage direction, always with rigor and fantasy. 

Masha Moishenko.jpg

Maria Moyshenko


Ukrainian artist, is crazy talented. Art vibrates through her pores. Decorator for cinema and television, “Masha” has a more personal and private production. Whether a small or large canvas, it does not matter, there is always a vibration that attracts us to the painting. Her subjects are Ukrainian landscapes or silent scenes of a probable interior, loaded with strength, colour and loneliness. 


Oleksii Pryimak


Ukrainian artist & designer who works and lives in Poland. A multi-disciplinary artist. He believes that creativity has no limits, that is why his portfolio includes a wide range of art techniques & design directions. Starting in about 2000 as a graffiti artist, now his portfolio includes all over 20 000 square metres of realised murals and art projects on walls, floors and even roofs. The highest realized project is about 90 m high (wall, commercial project) The biggest realized project is about 850 square meters (3D on the asphalt, commercial project)

Lina Portrait.jpg

Lina Ramirez

Comédienne et Photographe

Après s'être formée au jeu et à la mise en scène en Colombie, Lina s’installe en France en 2019 et créé sa compagnie théâtrale, L’Oiseau et la Plume. Sa pièce María 19 a gagné, en 2016, le concours de Création de Théâtre et de Cirque initié par le Secrétariat à la Culture de Cali en Colombie. 

Le travail de Lina met au jour la diversité du peuple colombien. Si son théâtre explore la vie à Siloé, quartier de Cali, dans les années 1980, sa photographie est un hommage plein de tendresse au peuple paysan et indigène contemporain.


Carolina Rodriguez

Scénographe et Plasticienne

Carolina se définit comme un artiste polyvalente. En Colombie, en France et en Belgique, elle participe à des projets très variés : théâtre, danse, audiovisuel...


Elle se forme à la scénographie aux Beaux-arts de Liège. Son travail interroge les relations entre l'espace et les humains qui y progressent.


Le corps féminin est au cœur de son projet SaMa, qui mêle création de costume et danse contemporaine, présenté à la Quadriennale de Prague en juin 2023.


Anna Zhytar


Self-taught Ukrainian artist, explores drawing in an Art Brut fashion, with almost mechanical graphism, focused and frantic. Her works are built as the pencil touches the paper. The result is a defined and coloured work that deceives the careless audience. Behind the coloured image, there are Anna’s own commitment, anger, joy and anguish.

Lisa Evteeva.jpg

Lisa Evteeva


Ukrainian photographer. Through black and white, as well as colour pictures, Lysa shows us cleverly built photographs. Her works and their monochromatic tendencies reflect a melancholy, a growing distance with what has been lost, with what has yet to happen. Could it be a reflection of what Ukrainians from Crimea feel?

Mireille gallois, portrait.JPG

Mireille Gallois


Painter from the North, country of fog and wind, of the wild seas and vast plains.

A lover of colors, Mireille works with acrylics, collages and pigments in large areas from which are born marvelous evocations of colorful and bright landscapes. 

The plastic universe of the artist is balanced and nearly monochrome, with an almost obsessional passion for horizontal lines and blue under all its forms, flat tints, broad strokes, superimposed brushstrokes, shades and gradients.


Victor Marushchenko


 Great Ukrainian photographer, honoured me by exposing his works on my walls in 2013. Through his lens we see the portraits of intellectuals but also common people. Marushchenko is a very demanding, curious, rigorous and creative man. His outlook on contemporary society has marked the photographic scene in Ukraine and Europe. 

Marushchenko created a photography school in his name and started to train photojournalists. The school became a powerful art center thanks to the magazine “5.6”.

Natalia Milovidova.jpg

Natalia Milovidova


Ukrainian artist, explores the world of the subconscious and practices meditation. Her works are the outcome of her visions, of her thoughts, obviously abstract, some monochromatic, others full of colour.


Mauricio Osorio Castañeda


Mauricio Ospina is a Colombian photographer. Mauricio has more than one trick up his sleeve, from photo reports to social to the more decorative, but always committed to his country. Mauricio represents a world in motion. 

The Barranquilla carnival, portraits of the indigenous people of the Amazon or the caribbeans, videos that follow the peace trials that gave a sense of relief to the armed conflict that has been happening in Colombia for decades. 

Juan Carlos Rivero Cintra.jpg

Juan Carlos Rivero Cintra

Artiste plasticien

Cuban plastic artist, lives and works throughout Panama and Colombia. His works have already made their way to international expositions, and some have even found their place in museums.

He explores through his resolutely figurative paintings the theme of migration, the tracks left by physical and metaphysical travels, memories of dreams in motion. His works are dreamlike, scale is turned upside down and hope endures. 


Rommy Rossel


Chilean artist, works and lives in France. Her artistic activities alternate with teaching art. Committed, her personal works are the reflection of her worries on free speech and government manipulation.

Through her landscapes and portraits, we can insinuate ghostly images of victims from the Pinochet era. 

Natali Shilo.jpg

Natali Shilo


Ukrainian artist, is an expert in the control and manipulation of colour. Landscapes, marines, still life, border on abstract art. Light and matter vibrate under her brush. 

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